January 9, 2024

Kristen Stewart and Fiancée Dylan Meyer Enjoy Cozy Brunch in Los Feliz

Discover Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer's relaxed LA brunch, showcasing their laid-back style and intimate moments away from Hollywood's glare.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan

Hollywood's own Kristen Stewart, known for her distinctive style and Oscar-nominated talent, was recently seen enjoying a leisurely brunch with her fiancée, screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The couple chose Little Dom's, a favored Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Los Angeles' trendy Los Feliz neighborhood, for their Monday morning outing.

Stewart, 33, effortlessly showcased her signature luxe-grunge aesthetic with a chic teal jacket, casually draped over a crisp white top. Complementing this ensemble were her baggy black jeans and matching canvas shoes, exemplifying her relaxed yet fashionable brunch attire. Meyer, 36, known for her work on 'Moxie', matched Stewart's laid-back vibe with a stylish double denim outfit.

Their brunch at Little Dom's, not far from Stewart's $2.195 million four-bedroom home, was a casual affair. The couple, who have been in the spotlight since announcing their engagement on The Howard Stern Show in November 2021, were joined by two friends, adding to the relaxed ambiance of their meal.

Stewart, who has recently been involved in projects like Paul Jay's documentary 'How to Stop a Nuclear War', is gearing up for a busy schedule with the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. However, it was their moment of normalcy at Little Dom's that captured the attention of onlookers and fans. The restaurant, known for its cozy atmosphere and Italian specialties, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's low-key outing.

The brunch also offered a glimpse into the couple's everyday life, away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. It's a rare sight to see such a high-profile pair enjoying simple pleasures like a meal together, showcasing a different, more personal side of their relationship.

As Stewart and Meyer enjoyed their time at Little Dom's, it was a reminder of how they balance their bustling professional lives with moments of personal joy and relaxation. Their upcoming nuptials, which Stewart hinted might be a spontaneous affair, are eagerly awaited by fans. For now, though, it's these quiet, ordinary moments that paint a picture of their life together away from the camera's flash.

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